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Motivation and Development and the nature of Schizophrenia as Soul Theft by Primates 11 06 2012

Motivation and Development and the nature of Schizophrenia as Soul Theft by Primates 11 06 2012

Their connection to a better reality has always been being there with your soul.  And indeed you like them also- but only in person and in polite conversation.
However, is there not only room for one in your own responsible and independent thinking mind or soul- you?  And is it not those voices you hear that are fighting to hold on?  And maybe indeed you never knew of the good and quiet ones that were with you?
And indeed maybe some that fight to hold onto your soul cannot because they are trying to hold onto something that was not always you?  (That is about as close as I come to being the devil’s advocate.)  My contrary opinion to this is I just seek to use the basic skills that I learned in school and from my loving human being parents without interruption from such voices that are devoid of such.
So you as a victim of soul theft…as you branched out in life you forgave and forgot others in your life.  But what if there are those who are were your friends and part of you without you knowing it?  Are they having their say in your adult life; are those voices the mental thoughts or intrusions by them and their offspring?  Spoiled snot; if you will?
Your countermeasure might be the truth- when you were friends with them you respected them and the memories you have of them is indeed that of respect!
And who are the spoiled sports?  Who has the time and effort to be a spoil sport to your soul?  Someone who likes to think it is their souls without attaining the time or first person professional experience of it being their soul?
And what if those who you might think are really enemies in your life’s history are really your friends because the memory of them provides a bitterness that detaches those from your soul who are truly your friends in your adult life.  It is a construct proven by me that those who are of your same soul will be de-urchined from your souls hull when you think of negative memories.  Why? They experience them too when you think of them; just try it and look at their face!
And the saddest part is that you are not even able to use the most basic skills you learned in grade school because there are spoil sports who are extremely jealous of you doing so?  Conceptually for those who do not believe; if someone’s soul was stolen by a primate minded race would not that primate minded race be disillusioned as to their own identity when they are forced to think the original live new thoughts of that person?  Hence the creation of those zombified by medicine and set on the Golem desert path to walk to their death in the hot sun?  It could be thought of the ultimate form of the deadly sin of ENVY!!!!!
And what if indeed there was an entire race of Johnny Come Lately’s that had no soul and decided to take the whole thing from you because it was SO GOOD!  And divvy it up among themselves.  No I am not going to provide a reference to the wine growing Sanhedrin and the bars of silver for Christ who Pontius had to convince himself after paying as to what to do with.  Here is the internal dialog of the primate mind of the Roman Pontius trying to fool us in the Bible, “I paid a goodly amount of Silver for this man.  How can I make is seem I don’t really want to give him the Druid future divining sacrifice.  Let’s see what shall I say about all this to obscure the path of my guilt ….I don’t want humanity to ever be able to know my witch devil secret so how should I play this how should I word this.  I will act like he should be freed.   I will almost make it sound like I am pleading he should be freed.  And in the writings it should downplay the fact I paid precious metals much for him.  I can say it was all their idea and even his disciples and even my wife, but in no way do I want anyone to think it was my idea as a primate male?”  You get it; Pontius should have had a D Stamp on his forehead right then before being allowed to torture someone for their soul!
You should view Jesus Christ, a Jew, as someone who imprinted the satanic dependent minds of the people of Rome as their form of thinking.  And when they thought they had learned all they needed to in life from him they sought to destroy him so that they could feel better about themselves; in the form of being absent the source of all their knowledge?    It applies equally in modern times to young adults going off to school or work and being driven from their minds and labeled schizophrenic.  The devil is in the details and the satanic are great opportunists!
Sounds like trouble coming doesn’t it?  It is kind of like, “A happy turtle doesn’t need help walking on four legs by you stepping on two of his feet?”
Countermeasure, “What you hear breathing is my breath and my breaths are my breaths just as my soul is my soul!”
© 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

Originally published on 11 06 2012 at: www.primatepsychology.blogspot.com

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Hallucinations are indeed the influence of the thoughts of the Satanic who are and have been one with your soul for a very long time!  They want to screw you out of it by defeating your self confidence.  That is why you shouldn’t take drugs or act on influence.

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