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Primate Psychology and Schizophrenia 11 06 2012

Primate Psychology and Schizophrenia 11 06 2012

To understand Primate Psychology you have to understand Alpha Wave brain waves.
And view the primates goal as the destruction of Alpha wave;  by intruding into alpha wave they destroy it.
So you hear voices.  Why are they drawn and attracted to your mind?  Because you live and think in the natural Alpha Wave!  They consider you a father or God because of it.  They were raised by women and will never have that experiential based confidence.
Their delusion was, if they deprived you from using your Alpha brain wave they would be Alpha’s or feel better about themselves.
It was inherent in you whereas it was something to be gleamed by them from you.
You developed and supported your professional Alpha Brain wave through real world experience.
Whereas theirs never got past the suckling state!  They were coddled all throughout life; to get ahead  by defeating your Alpha wave as a method of learning.  But it was not true learning because it was only one dimensional learning.
To provide a simple example of the construct.  Let’s say you have a friend in your life who out of nowhere likes to insult you.  It was not out of nowhere they were jealous of you.  What is that friends favorite thing to do next?  They hold up their hand and show you how steady their nerves are.  By the way they don’t do so well later on in life; it comes back to them. (That is where active denial and harassment systems of Homeland Security come into play to reinforce their false sense of self and knowledge.  They are also called psychotronic weapons; they are not fiction.)
Garden of Eden:  Elohim loved you Adam and Eve but knew you would not have the capacity to listen to him; that is why he cast you out of Eden after eating the fruit fermented to alcohol.
He knew your nature would be to betray him your father.  He also knew that your offspring would not develop to be as cognitively good as you.  Sure you can say that God created Adam from his rib bone.  Balloney that is a duplicitous metaphor, wit if you will, the rib being of phalyic symbolism.  Think of it as the archetype of the ancient man talking to his young son named Eddie?
When you think of God in the Bible consider him as being human and Adam and Eve who ate the fermented fruit being the first lesser Gods or humans?  But the God of the Garden of Eden was indeed what we would consider to be a pure human being.  Meaning he was not conceived or maturated in the womb under the influence of alcohol or other foreign substances.  Why do you think he lived in a well maintained garden?
By the way Abraham Lincoln did not drink Alcohol.  My father did not drink alcohol upon my conception or afterwards.
Fermented means to be acted on by a fungus.  That is why you weren’t born with the brain wave of a human being.  Where do you think all the terminology of the good shepherd and the bad shepherd come from in the Bible?  Why do you think the German beer industry dominates the United States?  Think about it.
So what does it really mean to be human?  Think of it phonetically and also in terms of false idolatry.  Think of someone who was born with a cognitive deficit the result of alcohol that doesn’t have a clue in life.  What does he do?  Once again think of it phonetically.  Hu-man = You Man.  He walks around and points at everybody and say’s to himself I am YouMan.  Indeed he/she needs idolatry.  The whole thing people farming thing does not work without false idolatry.  But as we are readily seeing daily it does not sustain a society or a planet.  And why does he/she do this?  Because he does not have a father figure because his father is the exact same as he was.
And it does not matter if it is Apple Wine or Grape Wine or Stein Beer the effect is the same.
Those who were born of this fungal alcohol mal-influence indeed do not develop the Alpha brain wave in professionalism.  Their brains waves are ones of desperation!  Hence the higher frequency!  That higher frequency searches in desperation to be a true human being all its life!
The primate likes to think that mind is its own but it wasn’t and never can be!  You have the ersatz mind that is convinced itself to be right even when it isn’t?  How does it so easily convince itself?  Because in terms of primate behavior if it defeats another it esteem itself to be superior.  In transformational learning psychology as it applies to human beings, if it insults you it spurs your Alpha wave to a higher frequency.  To be honest with you, the primate human mind was raised on a pure humans mind being driven from them.  It has to do with fatherly imprinted. And also a desperation of wanting to link to a better mind.  And then the insult is often a form of physical pain, torture or harassment it inflicts on others so that it drives their pure human soul from them.  In other words it chooses its father and seeks to beat it?
Their false opinion of themselves was reinforced in them and unto the whole of humanity by a great many that were like them.  And because of the absence of the real mind in the world as a result of their directed hatred of it.  In other words they beat down the pure human mind until it is no longer an influence to them or their fur ears no longer hear it?  Think of an adult ape curled in the fetal position in the corner of its room and you get the idea of what the mode of their soul theft and reduction of self esteem amounts to in our modern world.  False mental illness created through directed hatred.  Women are indeed more dependent minded than men because the historic structure has been for the man to support the woman.  And what type of a mind is it that seeks to victimize the mind of the pure human man?- in terms of the object of the female minds hatred?  Let’s put it this way, but I will speak more on it later, “Because she has none!”  And she that is he, “Has but without substance.”
So what does this Primate Race degrade to?  They seek a longing to a father that is not part of their family!  That is also why they can never be a true father; because they do not believe in the true father figure.  Now in summary; they seek the longing of the father that kicked them out of the Garden of Eden.  And their son’s where indeed bad; one killed the other who had his own skills and soul.  That is the whole archetype right there in repetition.

All the life of the Primate human is one of directed hatred and ersatz ideas.  And who are the father victims of the modern Primate Human; they are labeled Schizophrenics.  It is only temporary in the absence of negative metabolic influence or the satanic, the Schizophrenic reverts back to its pure professional easy wave Alpha Wave thinking.  But the satanic hate that thinking. They hate every thought that you have because they realize who they are not!  They can look at their wealth bank accounts and fattened wallets and purses and they will still hate themselves because they know what they are not in the presence of your pure human thinking mind.

© 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

Originally published on 11 06 2012 at: Primate Psychology

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