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Primate Psychology and a Milwaukee Arena 11 06 2012

Primate Psychology and a Milwaukee Arena 11 06 2012

A Milwaukee Arena that no-one was ever comfortable at?
What was the prevalent psychology in building that arena?  Pack as many people into the space as you can.  I couldn’t sit there for more than 20 minutes watching a basketball game without my knees cramping like I needed knee surgery.  And that is indeed where the primate psychology comes into play in its construction.  The primate believes that when it can cause pain in you that it can heal that same area of the body in itself.  In others words your legs hurt and the basketball players gain speed, leg strength and endurance.  And of course if someone dies of a blood clot in their leg that is a whole new can of video game life refresh soda.  For those of you not familiar with the analogy video games often offer the player another play in the form of a can of soda that refreshes the number of play life’s; granted when a game goal is attained; such as machine gun shooting some villains.
Professional athletes should never earn more money than the President of the U.S.  No-one should.  So how can this be resolved.  The Presidents rate remains fixed and all income of U.S. citizens above that amount is taxed at 100 percent.  What is the goal?  To eliminate primate psychology in our world and its highly detrimental effects on everything.
To give you another example of Primate Psychology I had a friend who would insult me and then a little while later hold out his hands and brag about how steady his nerves were.  I will not mention how primate psychology relates to professional sports and our esteemed Ivy league society members like Paterno and Sandusky and Catholic Priests, all-be-it!

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Originally published on 11 06 2012 at: Primate Psychology

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