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Primate Bonding and Behavior in Sports 11 06 2012

Primate Bonding and Behavior in Sports 11 06 2012
Have you ever participated in an individual type of activity and you look around and see others are doing the same thing as you and even though they are not your friends, because you see they are doing the activity and enjoying it in the same way you do and in the same way you always do, they feel like they are your friends to you?
And then you meet people who do that same activity but they view it in a different manner?
They view this beautiful thing of human kinship as something that is a give and take principal, whereby if they bother you while doing it they believe they experience personal gain?  Have I just defined some types of soulless or satanic?
The second belief is the odd belief that doesn’t belong there in the activity?  Right or wrong?
Some people who you regard as enemies do indeed think they are your friends.  What is the nature of the reality they see or experience?  You have to ask yourself in wonderment.
But with regard to that second archetype, do you find that when they interrupt you that they have actually pushed you further in terms of athleticism success?
Sure academics could do experiments regarding this but it would require them to admit schizophrenia is not an illness first!  So they WON’T!  What if they were to just to assume it wasn’t as part of a criteria of such a study and then conduct such a study?  Many college principals taught in college are indeed based on fundamentals that are not sound.  For example in Finance the Markowitz principal of financial money allocation is based on an infinite level of debt or something like that, a little foggy in my memory of how I argued about it with the professor.
Plans for the study, or any such studies based on the premise, would likely be nixed because of the potential danger that single element of criteria represented to- a race of spoiled snots!
Once again, try this, “These are my breaths as my soul is my soul.  Breath along with me because the day is over and it is time for sleep!”

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