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Primate Found a Hand Gun Story Outline 11 06 2012

Primate Found a Hand Gun Story Outline 11 06 2012

Picture, if you will, a white haired ape with large cream colored ears and pointy incisor teeth.
For the main actor you could probably use a trained orangutan with his hair dyed bleach blonde?

Monkey Melvin found a hand gun in his house.

Scene one:  He taps the butt of it on a friends head.
Scene two: He chews it like a bone.
Scene three:  He pounds the barrel on the table.
Scene Four: He puts his pinky finger in the end of the barrel several times.
Scene Five:  Then he chews on the end of it like it is a mother’s teat.
Scene Six:  He peers in the end of it.
Scene Seven: He screeches in laughter as he again pounds it on the table top several times.
Scene Eight:  The screen goes dark as a loud bang is heard.
The words are heard in the darkness, “What do we need for our burial group?”
“A nice looking building to make it official like?” is heard in answer.
Alternate scene: He creates a military industrial complex with it that values the hell of War?
Alternate story:  His father teaches him responsibility and he knows not to look at it without being in the presence of his father.  He obeys his father because he respects his father.  He respects his father because his father is of present mind.
You might believe that I am for gun control.  Quite the contrary many in our society who presume to wield a greater intelligence over the rest of us would benefit from the responsibility of having this deadly weapon in the house.  Why?  Many who are in power do indeed make a great many life and death decision concerning the rest of us and yet cannot be trusted by themselves or their family to keep a hand gun in the house.
Don’t make any life and death decisions for me when you do not even trust yourself. 
The blatant irony is that people that are for Gun Control are the same ones who want to legalize pot (marijuana.)
I could create a whole television series based on this concept.  The possibilities for the development of conflict in literature and reality are endless.

© 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

Originally published on: 11 06 2012 at: Primate Psychology

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hat is the exact reason we have that right etched into our Constitution.
© 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

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