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The Mean Primate Female and Clean Water 11 06 2012

The Mean Primate Female and Clean Water 11 06 2012

It is a rarity to see a monkey fishing.
Have you ever asked yourself, “Where does such a mean female come from?”
The answer is helplessness right?
It reads like this the helpless mean female was helpless to marry a rich man.
So why does the mean female have children?
Not out of love but rather to be like another woman in her age and pier group that had children.  For the mean female does not know how to raise children out of love.  Why not?  She cannot love or she would not be a mean female.
Her children will therefore be raised of hatred and that is satanic.  She quickly finds she does not have the love and caring instinct to raise children and is overwhelmed by it!  She should have never had or adopted children!
So what does she do to raise children?  She finds a scapegoat to torture and imprint them with!  Think of apes putting a pure human on the cross.  In the Primate world the mean female either raises a group of baby apes by herself and a few choice others or abandons the baby ape to be managed by a few ape females.  (Sounds like day care doesn’t it?)
Her man is no good at raising children because he was raised by a mean female and therefore helpless too!  And because her children were imprinted with a tortured soul they will be helpless all throughout life too.
It is primate behavior to raise your children in a satanic group rather than love and care for them.  And that is part of what creates the subtle difference in terms of these people in our world; it is a difference many cannot perceive!
(The Chinese call this external force the Yan and it is the force that puts the world out of balance and headed towards destruction.  But it is thought of as a masculine force.  But indeed the force that destroys the world is a feminine force of dependency, hatred, jealousy, directed towards the force the fatherly masculine force.  It can be thought of more in terms of responsibility in love and caring as being the Yon male force and the mean female that might have a congenital cognitive deficit related to alcohol as being the reckless and irresponsible Yan force.  Somehow there was a role reversal or the role reversal has always been there but not understood because the instance of the dependent minded or the reality of the Satanic minded from the Bible has never gained a prevalent belief.  It is a reality told to us by our Lord Jesus Christ- the good shepherd!

Offspring of the mean female:
When you start to study the offspring of the mean female or the Satanic race you start to understand the vicious circle that has propagated the feeble and irresponsible minded in our society.
They cannot behave because they are in the presence of a parent that does not have their own soul either.
So what do you say in thought in response to these voices, “Thank you for your babies heart?”  I mean honest to God they propagate the belief that you are the cause of all their problems.  What angers them and gets them to think about themselves is when you support their beliefs and not your own rational thought; it debunks them.  They rely on you for their mind so when you adopt their beliefs, in imagination if you will, it angers them!
How about saying this to them in thought, “That yon life force you just drove out of it rejuvenated me!”
What’s the point?  You are not this type of bad person or victim and never wanted anything to do with it!
To her having a baby is like going shopping at a store; this top goes with my dress and purse because that adult’s soul goes with that baby and my purse.  Do you get it? The mean female seeks to match the soul of an adult with the object of a baby that she procures (think Procula or Prada?)  Cheap way to raise a child right?  Steal a soul for them?  Keep the child occupied by teaching it how to demonize an adult human man?  “He who has no children raises many,” said a German ape woman.  Or how about, “Where is he?” “He is in his father’s temple or temporal lobe?”  And didn’t that Hansel and Gretel get their revenge on the world when they grew older? By victimizing in the way they were victimized?  By acting out at the world and earth and projecting their hatred of self unto others in Nazi Germany?
If she raises a child like this the primate female has more money and time to spend with other miserable ape women who were conceived via the rotten fermented fruit.
Can you see the force that prevents schizophrenia from being recognized as a medical fraud?
It is the same force that creates pollution that debalances the environment.  Think of a hairy monkey primate woman speeding around a town in her sports car not really concerned with anything else.  Think of a son being raised to please only the female by doing whatever he can to earn money to please a horror archetype like her.  Was that not how the primate young are raised by women?  And who’s will do they have to conform to?  The female not the male!  The male is not allowed near the females.  The male indeed resents the females because he was raised by them and not an adult male.  She seeks to raise them as children and fears them as adults!  Contradiction of self, right?
He does not have the time, effort or money concern for our environment because he was created to be managed to please her in every way or face punishment by her.  He just wants to be free as an adult.  And as an adult not only is he resentful and rebelliously evil but he cares not for others; he is just glad to be of age.  And then what does he do?  He needs a woman or company so he kills all the young of a tribe; figures he is putting children like he was out of their misery?  Wants not to replenish memories of his oppressed ape childhood?  Wants no connection to that childhood.  That is why he is not a good father.  Viscous circle again and it does equally apply to modern primate mind based human behavior!
What does the modern primate male do in our society?  He sits at a desk and tries to look busy.  Not only the he ruins the careers of anyone who was not raised by the mean primate female!
That extra money needed to maintain our environment or for clean living is something he ignores.  He is too busy tossing and dismembering the young of other tribes at will in America under the limited liability of the Corporate umbrella.
And with regard to our environment if you think of her as having the intelligence of a monkey with regard to the family purse strings- she doesn’t care either.  Hence the focus of sending the primate male off to war!
And here is the next viscous circle that supports her primate state of mind and it is with regard to the environment and natal development.  If you indeed believe that the source of her problem was initially a congenital mental defect with regard to the negative influence of forbidden fruit on conception then you must also believe that other factors in our environment do indeed negatively influence congenital development of the Alpha Wave human soul in comparison to the primate dependent minded soul!  In other words the more pollution that is created in our society the less likely her compromised identity will be found out!  When more are like her she feels better about herself!  And we do indeed know that pollution and chemicals cause birth defects.  The first was likely to be fungal alcohol!
You could come to the conclusion that both the male and female primate are missing necessary elements of humanity?  But you are likely to see the end of the world before that became something about themselves they openly accepted!  Do you see why professional sports are given prominence today; they are trying to emphasize the importance of physical ability over that of mental?  The pay is more right?  When you lack independent cognitive ability you do not make that a highly esteemed and rewarding activity; instead you create a culture that rewards those who have athleticism without cognitive ability.  So how do you bolster a team of primate males?  You use psychotronic weapons to drive the sources of your school of thought out of their minds, or indeed you hire on someone like Sandusky or a Catholic Priest sworn to secrecy?
Strange writings indeed; not a single element of humanity in them?
With regard to the goal of clean water- it is a rarity to ever see a primate monkey fishing!  She is too busy picking up fermented apples and placing them in a purse of skin?  Also with regard to clean water; the human brain is 90% water, the mean primate female thinks not for itself so it does not value the quality of water or its own mind!  She falsely rationalizes, “Dirty the water I don’t think for myself anyhow!”

All very strange writing of course.  No basis in the Bible or world history.

© 2012 Thomas Paul Murphy

Originally published on 11 06 2012 at: www.primatepsychology.blogspot.com

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